Debunking the Drug War

With Doug Valentine

This episode covers the US government’s and law enforcement’s active role in global drug trafficking.

Doug Valentine is the author of The Strength of the Wolf and The Strength of the Pack. These are two of the most important books ever written on the drug trade. Doug’s research comes mostly from first hand accounts of FBN, DEA and CIA officers who tell a tale never before heard by the world.

Debunking Cops examines and explains the nuts and bolts of police work from psychological, emotional, legal, and constitutional perspectives. Cops murder on average 1300+ American citizens each and every year. That is one dead American at the hands of the "good guys" every seven hours. Cops hospitalize 5,000 of us or more every month. If this doesn't shock and offend you, you are just as broken as the law enforcement officers who commit these atrocities. Despite being inundated with stories of murder, unlawful arrest, encroachment on free speech rights by police, no one is addressing the fundamental issues which have led us to this point. Cops are not being held accountable for their behavior and their actions are covered up by a corrupt legal system which includes the prosecutors, judges, and the media. Here is where our broken system is exposed for what it really is; a continuation of the slave patrols of the early 20th Century, from which the modern system of policing grew. Read other articles by Debunking Cops, or visit Debunking Cops's website.