when facts are too painful

the master of taps
editor supreme
turns the water on and off
of knowledge
of how to stay alive
if you cooperate
with the thirst of others

we replace this master with a saint
who acts the same way
– it’s a dangerous occupation
deciding who gets the truth when
back in the old days beauty was truth
running fingertips over rosebuds
the mix of memory with desire

when truth is the end of things
water flows from our eyes

so we deny the powerful our access to
the fountain, the spring stream, river
and surrender our knowledge to
others like ourselves who promise
to hide the pain with truth and beauty

search for these

look beyond the pain
is only the tripwire of awareness
finding its way to understanding why

John Bart Gerald is a poet/journalist living in Montreal. He writes the website nightslantern.ca concerned with the prevention of genocide. Read other articles by J. B..