“Souls” for all seasons…

In a cramped cell
When temperatures soared
And bodies profusely sweat …..

They endured scorching heat!

When water
Poured from leaked ceilings
Wetting floors
And old clothes

They endured incessant rain!

When biting cold
Froze their bodies
And no thick blanket or sweater
Or at least heater

They endured shivering winter!

Brave prisoners!
They have endured suffering
For years
Waiting for Judgment
On fabricated cases

One day,
After years and years of torture,
They will be acquitted
For lack of evidence!

By then,
Some of them may die
As Souls enduring extreme climate
Of all seasons,
In tortuous prison cells,
Their courage and grit
Will remain
Among hearts of the masses …

The writer is from anywhere and everywhere. Read other articles by Sheshu.