Once upon a time, some of the people of this country had independence from rule and they had freedom. That state of liberty began to deteriorate almost immediately after it began, and has all but disappeared over this country’s history. Today, even Orwell would have great difficulty in identifying the scope of the inconceivable tyranny that exists.

The date the Declaration of Independence surfaced was July 4th, 1776. It actually was cause for celebration, because it was the impetus to eliminate the ruling government of England by seceding from it. In other words, casting out the King and all his armies was what was sought.

Patriotism has absolutely nothing to do with the government, the country as a collective, or the military murderers for the state. It has only to do with protecting the natural rights of man, and never allowing for any rule, regardless of the structure of such rule, to infringe on any natural right of any individual. In fact, since the government and the military are the most dangerous enemy of freedom, they should be scorned and fought against at every turn, not respected or obeyed.

So when you wave your flag, salute the military, or pledge your allegiance to the state today, you are doing nothing less than cursing freedom in the name of slavery. Red, white, and blue is not patriotic, but denouncing those symbols of tyranny is patriotic. The entirety of the American population has been brainwashed into believing the opposite, and continues to allow its masters to prosecute war, steal liberty, to spy on all, to torture, to practice tyranny at levels unheard of in history, and to control their lives from cradle to grave.

Even the Declaration of Independence was wrong in its conclusions, because it claimed that a popular government would be legitimate. No government has ever been legitimate, nor could it be unless each and every individual agreed entirely on every aspect of what that government did, 100% of the time. Governments instituted among men in order to protect rights is a farce, as government by definition is force, and force at any level guarantees the destruction of rights.

If the people honestly choose liberty and freedom over totalitarianism, their only course of action should be to immediately secede from this horrendous government and its controllers, and eliminate the current system entirely. Nothing short of this will accomplish a free society, for so long as a ruling political class exists, freedom will never be evident.

Gary D. Barnett [send him mail] is a retired investment professional living and writing in Lewistown, Montana. Visit his website. Read other articles by Gary D..