AmeriKa: Sieg Heil

In the Darkest Night of Man
it seemed that the Sun shone brightest

After world wars of devastating might
One nation assumed the mantle

Power and Promises unprecedented
The Power grew as the promises lapsed unfulfilled

Some good was done but so much more the evil
A silent dictatorship covered the lands

Man was to be condemned to a comfortable infancy
Where his basic needs were to be met

But his higher instincts were to be dissuaded
dissolved and dissipated; to be hardly remembered

A fat amoral sun-burnt coward was destined to be the perpetual hero

Nazism was not vanquished but again assumed power
through a new flashy coat of paint and secret cabals

The world elite laid down their weapons in a reasonable truce
to create a world Empire in perpetuity; no escape for any

To be in the inner council was to keep eternal silence
while the rest basked in a well arranged blindness

To see was not to see and to say was not to speak
The Grandeur that was Man was put unceremoniously to sleep

Poets, Philosophers and Politicians were no longer needed
Just the hum of dumb music was to occupy the twilight

All the world’s struggle had come to this: the most loquacious silence
of dark armies invidiously slowing the march of time

America: Sieg Heil!

Dan Corjescu teaches at the University of Tübingen's "Studium Professionale" program. Read other articles by Dan.