Wolf in sheep’s clothing

Why do you wear such nice fur –
are you a lamb of God?
Do you also dress as Little Red Riding Hood’s grandma,
‘neath the bed’s foreboding covers?
Who will you eat? Where, when, how?
What will you say after you eat –
that it tasted delicious
and is nationally nourishing?
Will people believe you then?

Do you also own a fine roasting oven,
deep in the Black Forest,
where you sit in wait for
hungry children to cook?
After eating them, what you say
to the public –
do they still believe you then?

What do you use for eating –
ketchup, butter, salt?
What tastes best when contorting
lives with gleaming knives,
like ants trampled under feet?

Peter F. Crowley is an independent writer and scholar with a M.S. in Conflict Resolution, Global Studies from Northeastern University. His writings can be found in Truthout, Antiwar.com. Mint Press News, Boston Literary Magazine, Ethnic Studies Review and several other publications Read other articles by Peter F..