The Disappearing Act

Center stage
No one denies it was an act of rage
Hiding behind a Bush
Giving things a push
There stood the mysterious Houdini
Next to him a busty woman
In an itsy bitsy teeny weenie yellow polka dot bikini
She had two magnificent towers
As I recall
The tallest of them all
I could stare at them for hours
The marvelous magician
Makes the first tower disappear
Without a hint
It collapses in its footprint
Twenty-two minutes later alligator
The dastardly deed is repeated
And all the king’s horses
And all the king’s men
Couldn’t return the towers again
Thank God for the double insurance policy
Never mind the expense for removing the asbestos
But I recall that isn’t all
Our marvelous woman
Now with a flat chest
Still had her marvelous treasure chest
But despite no act by Houdini
She lost the bottom of her bikini
All in all
The panties falling in freefall
Her vaginal hair shaped in the number seven
This is the hidden story of Nine Eleven
Next time you visit an engineering school
Educate yourself you fool
Ask a Ph.D. in structural engineering
The physics behind the three buildings disappearing
September eleventh is a day dark and black
The disappearing act
Was an inside attack
And to settle the alleged score
We got more war that’s for sure
Firm in our resolve
Attacking countries not involved

John Kaniecki in an author and poet. He has nine books published (see his Amazon page). You can visit John's website and his blog. John's poem Tea With Joe Hill won the Joe Hill Labor Poetry Prize. His work has been published in over seventy outlets. Read other articles by John.