Standing Armies: An Affront Against Liberty

This quote was presented yesterday on Jacob Hornberger’s site, The Future of Freedom Foundation, and is appropriate and important considering one of the planks necessary in order to achieve freedom from overbearing government power.

It is pretended we are in hazard of being invaded by a powerful enemy; shall we therefore destroy our government? What is it then that we would defend? Is it our persons, by the ruin of our government? In what then shall we be gainers? In saving our lives by the loss of our liberties?…I would fain know, if there be any other way of making a prince absolute, than by allowing him a standing army: if by it all princes have not been made absolute; if without it, any. Whether our enemies shall conquer us is uncertain; but whether standing armies will enslave us, neither reason nor experience will suffer us to doubt. It is therefore evident that no pretence of danger from abroad can be an argument to keep up standing armies or any mercenary forces.
– Andrew Fletcher, A Discourse of Government With Relation to Militias, 1698

This quote was written 321 years ago, but apparently the human species has still not learned anything relevant concerning how to protect liberty. As Fletcher said, standing armies will enslave us, and the more power afforded those who control standing armies, the less freedom that exists. We now have the largest and most powerful standing army in all of history, and there is no freedom whatsoever left in this country called the “United States.”

This statement will be in stark contrast to the general population’s opinion of America, as the ignorant masses still cling to the ridiculous notion that they are free. Nothing could be further from the truth, but confusion among the people about their own fate remains intact.

Freedom in this country began to disappear from the moment it came to exist after the revolution, but considering modern times, the final end of all freedom was finalized by the false flag event of September 11, 2001.

War is the health of the state, and continuous war requires standing armies. These armies are not meant to defeat true enemies, enemies being those who actually attacked this country, but are meant to allow for the control of the entire population. That effort has reached a pinnacle, and now has expanded to include every agent of force created and controlled by the state. That includes every agency of government, all police, and, of course, all of the military itself.

If freedom is actually desired, the elimination of all government agents of force, including the entire military industrial complex, must be completed. Any effort short of this goal will lead to total failure.

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