Morbid Colours

the grayness of my skies
i shall rip open
i shall reach out
with bare hands
to tear apart
the opaqueness
of vision
what horizons
i shall discover
towards such myriad
feelings i will
dare venture
with the illegitimacy
of my existence
i will know
the spacelessness
of space
in the morbidity
of my skies
colours of my imagination
i shall inject
in the stillness
of my silences
the spirit will dance
the dance of clamour
what worlds shall
be woven
with threads from
my hope
and in the illusiveness
of my reality
i will give you
now an idea
now a form

Preeti Tej Singh is a writer/poet from India. She has written two books of poetry in English and an anthology of Hindustani poems. Her second book SIMANTINI (Boundless) is now available on Amazon. Read other articles by Preeti Tej.