Dear Social Media, I Respectfully Disagree

with your lofty proclamations
spat out and nurtured
by the wily fox, strutting peacock
or the duplicitous Russian hyena.

I respectfully disagree
with the parroted squawks
of power-hungry, press-thirsty leaders:
picket their homes, harass them in restaurants
and when they go low, we kick them.

I respectfully disagree
with “immigrants are criminals,”
“lock her up, lock her up”
and that the second amendment
is more sacred than the first.
Or fourteenth.

I respectfully disagree
that all Republicans are racists
Democrats murder babies
older means useless, all white people are clueless
millennials are pampered and lazy.

I respectfully disagree
that I’ve a guardian angel
who when shared, brings good fortune
and that every third post warrants a pompous
“Let That Sink In For a Minute.”

I respectfully disagree
that leaders you support were chosen by God
while the others slipped by him unnoticed.

But these days, so you say,
there’s no sin in mendacity
distortion, alternative facts
since in this unique apocalyptic environment
this political and cultural cesspool we swim in
the end will justify the means.

To which I respond with a wow-faced emoji:
Sorry, friends. I’ve let that sink in and
still, I must respectfully disagree.

Peggy Schimmelman is a San Francisco Bay Area writer. Her work includes the novel Whippoorwills, the poetry chapbooks Tick-Tock (Finishing Line Press) and Crazytown (Writing Knights Press) and the novella One Day You’re a Diamond. She is co-author of Long Stories Short, by Wild Vine Writers. Her poetry and short fiction have appeared in North American Review, Dissident Voice, Sparkle ‘n Blink,, NovellaT, Aleola Journal of Poetry and Art, Pacific Review, Comstock Review, Wild Musette Journal, and others. Read other articles by Peggy, or visit Peggy's website.