The Truth Behind The “Pro-Life” “Christian” Fraudulent Hypocrisy

Alabama’s horrific top-in-the-nation child poverty rate and newest legislative attempt to overturn Roe v Wade, PROVES beyond a shadow of a doubt that so-called “pro-lifers” are really just anti-woman. They hate the fact that women can do the one thing men cannot and have a sick need to CONTROL her body and procreation in any way they can. The fact that it takes a man (or at least his body fluid) to procreate is not enough for these misogynists.

It PROVES beyond a shadow of doubt that they do not give a rat’s ass about children or the quality of their lives. Once they are born they can starve to death for all these so-called “right to lifers” care! Of course, we know, their first choice is to have all these un-aborted lives they’ve so nobly “saved” adopted out to “good” Christian homes to be trained as soldiers for their god. Onward Christian soldiers! Adopted into homes where the “Christianity” will be beaten and/or starved into them. They will be beaten, burned and starved in the name of their god if they do not recite their bible properly. So-called “Christianity” that would make Jesus cry with shame that his name and the love he taught is so diametrically distorted and defamed.

This is sick perverted extremism and it has infiltrated the highest levels of our government. THIS, my friends, is the answer to the question why so many in the GOP don’t stand up to crazy, insane DT. They don’t care what kind of a narcissistic maniac he is as long as they get their religious agenda passed in SCOTUS

And we fear those who follow Allah? HAHAHA!! This country is turning into a woman, child, Jew, Muslim, LGBT, POC HATEFUL theocracy!! And THAT is why DT won and that is why the GOP tolerates, allows and goes along with his insanity. In order to have a nation for and by WHITE MEN ONLY!!! Good upstanding hypocritical white closeted gay and pedophile men. Women subjugated by being forced procreation for “righteous” Christian women who know their place is to serve their man and bear “his” children. And we fear Muslim extremists?

With white male privilege comes the spoils of keeping the wealth isolated to the few. Let the rest die of poverty and disease as the few control medical care and the pharm industry and keep those prices out of the reach of non-existent middle class. Ignore climate change because it doesn’t enrich the greedy. That’s the ticket! Let the trailer park trash be destroyed by floods and tornados. Who cares? Let all of California burn. Who cares?

The end of the world will be the final clash between these two groups of extremists who have more in common than not!! The true, real life Game of Thrones. In the midst of the global fires and floods . . .they will fight it out. . .

Truth is, abortion is a political issue, not religious, yet founded on misogyny nonetheless.

Neil Carter reports that:

. . . Given the growing Southern Baptist disdain for feminism and the sexual revolution, Paul Weyrich [founder of both the Heritage Foundation and ALEC], sensed an opportunity to use opposition to Roe v. Wade as a rallying cry to unify Catholics and Protestants into a single powerful [Republican] coalition.

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