Felonious posture

Oh yes, officially er
I can understand how threatening
A fifteen-year-old boy can be
To a grown man with a gun
A club, a taser, and pepper spray,
Especially a black fifteen-year-old boy
Because you know (we all do)
Those kids come from a violent culture
And have no respect for human life.
I understand the terror you must have experienced
When the boy reached to pick up the phone
His co-criminal had dropped
And, as you reported,
Assumed a “threatening stance.”
If stances, as they say, could kill
And there is no doubt
That his was intended as a death threat.
It is well known that black teenagers
Are just itching to kill whites,
Especially cops.
It is clear you had only a split-second
To act in self-defense
Before that young gangsta
Scowled at you again
So of course you threw him to the ground
And with the help of a fellow officer
Successfully subdued the thug
Smashing his face into the pavement
And getting some punches in
For good measure.
Excellent work officers, I say,
You averted what could have been
A tragic homicidal assault on your persons,
And as far as the bleeding-heart criticism
Of your response to the mortal danger you faced
From malicious phone-retrieval
And felonious posturing
I commend you for your swift response
In doing exactly what your fellow white officers
Have always done.

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Buff Whitman-Bradley’s new book is At the Driveway Guitar Sale, from Main Street Rag Publishing. He podcasts poems on aging, memory, and mortality at thirdactpoems.podbean.com and lives in northern California with his wife, Cynthia. Read other articles by Buff.