Stifled our rights guaranteed by constitution
Arrested when we protested against our land acquisition
Trampled our forest wealth by ruthless exploitation
Imprisoned us on grounds of sedition
Muzzled our freedom to express opinion
Silenced our supporters through police action
Killed mercilessly indigenous adivasi men
Raped and molested helpless women …
All your atrocities
And cruelties

We will pass to our future generation
Through these immortal plaques of inscription …
And let them learn our struggles and rebellion
The courageous tradition of Jharkhandi
Through historic narratives on ‘Pathalgadi’!

• Pathalgadi is a giant plaque measuring 15 ft by 4ft with green paint and messages carved on them. The adivasi tribes used to erect a plaque after death of a person. They are now carrying the tradition to govern themselves. This is mainly followed in jharkhand state of India

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