Last Days Of The Republic

Where we are, out in an atrium, where
the veil is visible but for just one second.

The air’s like cotton here and leaves
a trail of ink in a vertical design

parsed on a clean sheet but like space
when there’s music or sculpture or dance

(large scale public art) and not just lines
of customers passing

into blissful nonexistence, or waiting
for a future of syncretismatic figurations…

Is this the only printable quote they had?
We’re all standing eight, it says, and now

with a fake teleological perspective,
auto-tuning it more, changing the timbre,

part of me that has been quiet a long time
could be made to sound more radio friendly.

David Wyman's second poetry collection, Violet Ideologies, was published in 2020 by Kelsay Books. His first book Proletariat Sunrise, also published by Kelsay Books, came out in 2017. His poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Dissident Voice, Blazing Stadium, BlazeVOX, Clockwise Cat, Picaroon Poetry, Down In The Dirt, The Voices Project, Squawk Back, Tuck Magazine, The Aurorean, Zombie Logic Review, S/WORD and Genre: Urban Arts among other publications. He's a fan of Noam Chomsky, jazz guitar and the visionary poetry of William Blake. Read other articles by David.