Two Sides to Every Question?

Can a Mom and Pop
store be too big to fail?

Could a mafia don be
businessman of the year?

Can a hitman plead,
“Just doin’ my job?”

Can war criminals
be Heroes?

Could a confederate
fighter be noble?

Was Goebbels a

Should priests supervise
children’s sleepovers?

Is Boss Tweet to be
trusted with treasure?

Would a Socialist
celebrate empire?

Didn’t the Drone Ranger
win a peace prize?

Raymond Nat Turner is a NYC poet privileged to have read at the Harriet Tubman Centennial Symposium. He is Artistic Director of the stalwart JazzPoetry Ensemble UpSurge and has appeared at numerous festivals and venues including the Monterey Jazz Festival and Panafest in Ghana West Africa. He currently is Poet-in-Residence at Black Agenda Report. Turner has opened for such people as James Baldwin, People’s Advocate Cynthia McKinney, radical sportswriter Dave Zirin and CA Congresswoman Barbara Lee following her lone vote against attacking Afghanistan. He is Co-Chair of the NY Chapter National Writers Union (NWU). Read other articles by Raymond Nat, or visit Raymond Nat's website.