Buried Treasure

Spent bullet shells littering the blood stained streets-
Blowing in the wind…. stuck to broken fences
– used condoms and ripped tik packets.
Above the sirens another mother’s cry echoes into the grief-polluted air
these sounds now familiar to all in the Valley of the Forgotten.

The law of nature so cruelly reversed
Mothers burying their children
a generation being wiped out – becoming extinct
Forget save the rhino and the great white
save our Children instead!
Another mother cries while the other awaits her fate
Our future asleep in boxes underground
In the Valley of the Forgotten

Chantal Sam Moodaley is an author and poet from Port Elizabeth in South Africa. Chantal uses her poetry to address social ills as well as a tool to speak to ordinary people facing everyday problems in the world we live in today. Read other articles by Chantal Sam.