Along with the Ache

Can I not hurt
like anyone else,
yet still choose love
and be thankful for wounds
even as they heal?

Can I not die
a death each night,
yet still mouth prayers
said in praise
of tomorrow’s promises?

Can I not burn
in the flames of anger,
yet still sip water
at the river’s edge
and bathe my sorrow?

Can I not suffer
the trials of life,
yet still sing gladly
along with the birds
that soothe my heart?

Can I not fall
when all seems failed,
yet continue to crawl
until able to walk
before leaping again?

Can I not scream
from tortured lungs,
yet hold my peace
in a state of silence
to honor the truth?

Can I not curse
what can’t be changed,
yet hold the reins
steady in my hands
of what can be controlled?

Can I not bleed
from that same thorn,
yet still smell roses
in a garden of health
where my faith is restored?

Scott Thomas Outlar is a lover of truth and enjoys researching philosophy, psychology, politics, spirituality, and any other facet of consciousness in the pursuit of reaching a higher state of vibration. He also enjoys writing rants, poems, essays, short stories, and prose-fusion screeds covering such subjects. Scott Thomas can be reached at You can also watch and/or subscribe to his YouTube Channel Read other articles by Scott Thomas, or visit Scott Thomas's website.