Work in the Time of Abrupt Climate Change

Ants scenting a line across your stoop
commuting back and forth from home to foraging.
Commuters stop and go dreading the dreaded SIG alerts
on the Devil’s own parking lot – the 405 in Los Angeles.

What a system of queens sacrificing drones we must follow,
the wealth of the many in the hands of a few
and by wealth I mean love
between the forces of death and this brilliant creation
of all living things reborn as commodities.

Do you want to be a good commodity someone’s purchased
for your work and your buying
or a bad one whose worth makes more profit
by you sitting in a jail cell rehabilitated
by making stuff for Nike at 10 cents an hour…

I lied, it’s not about love or justice but survival

and I really don’t care if the rest of you
all die and go to hell
but I need a living system to live
and maybe one for my daughter just a newborn thing.

Oh, when you wish upon a star…

My parents are not idiots
but they are idiots for what they are told
to believe and believing it
and I am an idiot for lacking the courage
to stop believing in anything
like Hope.

Our greatest achievement
no hope and still fighting the good fight,
saying things could be different, could be better
as everything we ever knew, or thought we knew,
or believed
is flooded away, blown by storms, perishes
in fire – no gods, no angels
just our unbelieving giving us wings,
our unbelief raising us up, the last to see
or care as we, the earth and every living thing
winks out in 50, 30, 20, 10 years time
and there is no hope but still fighting the good fight.

Ants scenting a line across a front stoop.
The system of queens sacrificing their drones.
The wealth of the many in the hands of a few.
The forces of death; the creation of all living things as

No gods, no angels,
our unbelief unfurling from our shoulders like wings
and we shall rise, the last to see and mourn
ourselves amongst the death of countless other species
on this once beautiful gaia mother earth
for all things are dying
and no more are being born.

Steve Lavigne co-founded the CUPoetry Group with Jim O'Brien (aka James Escher) in Champaign-Urbana Illinois in June of 2013. This group was formed specifically to build community through the power and practice of poetry. Read other articles by Steve, or visit Steve's website.