Lives of the saints

(with homage to Deschner)

Reading histories
of the saints1
Mistaken images
without restraints
of worship worthy
Feeding stories
for the faith
Making fantasies
sound like fate
Among the wolves
sheep are found
born as food
their brains are bound
are they too
the lambs of God
beneath the boots
where generals trod
for whom do clerics
those whose lives
see holiness
whole countries
pushed in the abyss
thus for finance
the poor,
young and old
are crucified.

  1. Karlheinz Deschner in his 12 volume Kriminalgeschichte des Christentums (Criminal History of Christendom- unfortunately but unsurprisingly not translated into English) shows that beatification and canonization has always been a form of posthumous clerical honours for the greatest brigands in the service of Church power. The total destruction of the bodies of the Church’s opponents was motivated in large part to prevent the circulation of relics from among the people from those they actually venerated. This practice has been modernized in the practice of “disappearance”: intended to prevent the creation of popular saints and martyrs in today’s ostensibly “secular” society. []
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