Jewels Of The New South

blue stone walkways drenched early summer rains
the palms arching above casting fronds earthward
row houses each painted a pastel rainbow shade
porches dangling crooked stacked pale blue skies

oaks live return glances toward uncivil grave stones
weathered to a smoothness engraving distant past
narrow alleys posted with old ornate wrought gates
a century and a half of cobbled streets concealed

contrasted the battery retains the sea and its guns
brown pelicans glide in a seashore symphony flight
ever present the dolphins join adding their melodies
land and seascapes on easels abounding artistry

old and young all sing the southern song of crabbing
sandbars expose a treasure chest of spiral shells
bottling shark teeth and sand dollars a starfish prize
looking afar off as tides resume the ancient parade

inward salty trawlers return to barnacled creek docks
a plate of shrimp and grits greets diners races lost
sweet the baskets crafted as the hands that weave
old markets bow themselves a symbolic confession

while the color of flags and dignity both are attained
elders purchased misery of bonds in whole grains
glory in compassion and absolution dot their crowns
jewels of the new south treasured neighbors uniting

Robert Filos is an author of poetry and short stories that combine beauty and wit while highlighting social justice issues. Published worldwide his poetry received over 40,000 views in 2017. Born and raised in The Bronx, he now resides in the South Carolina Low-country with his wife and children. He can be reached at Read other articles by Robert.