Withered Crops We

shredding the sky, stars drain their mass
polite the feathery hush sails lust young
colored shadows do bounce back in tune
tall stalks in fields, yellow whispers bloom
ringing off brass cylinders in laughing notes

the rich brown soil applauds cosmic crops
fermenting under teeth ravaged by the winds
shake off the hail stones and skip to skate
as stormy crowds deplete the growing howls
blue feet stomp their epilogue opalescent dent

shadows lengthen the grass begins to wither
taste well the cold dark night coming in swiftly
roses in grays line vacant streets camouflaged
speed bumps and pot holes groom the nocturnal
down oily gutters run tails the rodents slingshot

gasp hard in toil mounting on wet crawling skin
echo of the moon beaming gross the curtain call
sleep light under streams of excrement sailing
rancid black breath pushes tight canvas hung aloft
a jolly roger tumble weed scorching sewers deep

long lobes hanging loose glint a diamond stud
bills posted wrinkled writing on soot dirty walls
curving past brown lashes a dull forehead crunch
old the beaten city gutters stream of trash spoiled
high in schooling blue bloods transparent smirk

to gobble gold trinkets as sewers explode shit
paupers sunscreen on the Bowery the Brandy gang
shivering police in hiding past European tinted glass
the pointed rubber rollers full of sour devils breath

built in Hades they ride fast one-way chariots
yellowed smoke drips in a chemical opiate oil
pot belly swine full of salad packed sausages
or raw swimming creatures dressed neat royal
vultures gather plucking carrion strips of tan skin

drinking in marrow and crimson foul coated elixirs
light shades bubble maggots squirming an octopus
under rotting man meat as the gargoyles howls
soft hand of society a bugaboo or urban legend
here drops of bullets rain hard the fathers jailed

Robert Filos is an author of poetry and short stories that combine beauty and wit while highlighting social justice issues. Published worldwide his poetry received over 40,000 views in 2017. Born and raised in The Bronx, he now resides in the South Carolina Low-country with his wife and children. He can be reached at rfilos63@gmail.com. Read other articles by Robert.