What lies beneath

Trump supporter Rep. Chris Collins indicted for insider trading

I suppose we should rejoice
When a kleptocrat gets busted
But upon further reflection we see
It’s the whole twisted system
That needs to be cuffed
And thrown in the clink,
And the current occupant
Of La Casa Blanca
Is just a smutty version
Of those who have gone before
Including . . . wait for it . . .
St. Barack.
But don’t take my word for it,
Ask the dead children of Afghanistan
And Iraq and Yemen,
Ask the starving children
In Detroit and Baltimore
And Pine Ridge,
Ask the bankrupted and evicted elders
Abandoned to the streets,
Ask the migrants and refugees
Tossed into Uncle Sam’s wastebasket.
Like the Super Bowl
Or celebrity peccadillos,
Nabbing the occasional miscreant in high-ish places
Serves as a distraction
From the savage criminality of profit,
Wage slavery,
And the private ownership
Of what should belong to all of us
(Oooooh, Mama, there’s commies on the lawn).
So enjoy the pleasure
Of watching a corporate punk writhe and squirm
Under the prosecution’s righteous indignation,
But don’t forget what lies beneath.

Buff Whitman-Bradley’s newest book is And What Will We Sing? a collection of protest and social justice poems spanning the last 25 years. He podcasts at thirdactpoems.com and lives with his wife, Cynthia, in northern California. Read other articles by Buff.