Somewhere on an Island

Somewhere on an Island
There is a girl more riveting than the cradle
of Merapi. Somewhere on an Island
she smiles comfortably as September
Skies begin to burst upon the leaves
Of the sea almond just outside her window.

Somewhere on an Island she hums
Songs in her heart releasing
Amber colored emotions from her tender
Eyes. Somewhere on an Island, she
Laughs with friends over a
Cup of hot chocolate when
The valley air turns cool. Somewhere
On an island an entire village people
Stop their labors when she smiles. Somewhere
She cries in the loneliness of the moon
And prays beyond the straight seas.

Somewhere on an Island a village girl
Reads the words of a lover . Somewhere on
An Island she gently folds a letter and
Places it beside her. Somewhere
On an Island, she reads her books until her
Eyes are too heavy to open. Somewhere she
Falls asleep with open pages as her only
Cover. Somewhere on an island a seasoned
Elder waits for the last small light
To go out in the kampung. Somewhere
She dreams of waking-
Somewhere on an island.

S. Liam Spradlin writes poetry and fiction. He has recently begun to write poetry that extends to more than just a hobby. He has been published in many small journals such as The Sequoya Reviews, The Scarlet Leaf Review, Thesongis, IVJ, Tuck, Degenerate Voices, Dissident Voice, and others. His works have also appeared in other anthologies. Read other articles by S. Liam.