The hand, fluent in speaking many languages.
Hands signed the Declaration of Independence,
the constitution, as well, the Dred Scott Act,
It’s hands that issue death sentences, and birth notices,
signing marriage certificates, as well as divorce papers.
It’s hands that hold keys to lock as well as unlock .
They light candles, and hold the snuffer to extinguish.
Hands deliver babies, and attend at closing the caskets.
Hands are there to help, to lift, as well as accost.
Hands start life with wiping the rear, ending with wiping the brow,
Hands, how they play music for dancing, as well as playing Taps.
Whether firing a weapon, or waving a white flag,
offering a hug, or pointing an accusatory finger,
it is all in the movement of the hands that brings
the beginning, or declares the end.

John Collins, a retired pharmacist and teacher, has been a long time writer and after 40 years is attempting to compile his writings into a volume for print. He has appeared in Dissident Voice and the Pagolin Review. His topics are frequently about the horrors of conflict, but also about the duality of the encounters in life. Read other articles by John.