Capital Speaks

I am the darkness, the light thus fallen
I am the Anti-Christ, doom’s true harbinger

I am the shadow of arcane lineage
I am the one on bended knee with crosses burning

I am the apparition of she that died in agony
I am the torturer, the merciless, the damned

I am the voice ever pounding in your brain
I am avarice, the polluter on the plains

I am genocide and youths cruelly murdered
I am the face that knows naught but lies

I am the Devil’s bells chiming from perdition
I am the anguish that knows no rest

I am unsexed and of no woman born ever
I am Satan the God of Death

David Penner’s articles on politics and health care have appeared in Dissident Voice, CounterPunch, Global Research, The Saker blog, OffGuardian and KevinMD; while his poetry can be found at Dissident Voice, Mad in America, and Also a photographer, he is the author of three books of portraiture: Faces of The New Economy, Faces of Manhattan Island, and Manhattan Pairs. He can be reached at Read other articles by David.