Second Thoughts in Singapore

Arm in arm at the altar, both of us wonder
if this marriage has a shot in hell:
what was I thinking—saying yes when I knew
you’re a treacherous rascal
whose proposal was more of a dare?

I’m the fish that got away, the untrappable fox
until you caught me unaware, looked into my soul
seduced me with a vision: all eyes on me
admiring, for a change
haters forced to admit
I’ve finally done something right.

But It’s making me nervous
how you reek with pride
and I sense your impatience
“Let’s just get this done”
as the nuptials drag on
despite our insistence that vows be reduced
to the basic We Do’s
both of us knowing details don’t matter
and “till death do us part” is a joke.

Anyway, if it falls apart
they can call us impetuous
call me a tyrant
call you a player
call us both immature
and mentally unstable
but who knows—

we might learn to love one another.
It happens they say
and if it doesn’t, well
we’ll shrug, say we tried, and move on.
So toss the bouquet
bring on the photogs and videocams
and let’s record this thing for posterity.

Peggy Schimmelman is a San Francisco Bay Area writer. Her work includes the novel Whippoorwills, the poetry chapbooks Tick-Tock (Finishing Line Press) and Crazytown (Writing Knights Press) and the novella One Day You’re a Diamond. She is co-author of Long Stories Short, by Wild Vine Writers. Her poetry and short fiction have appeared in North American Review, Dissident Voice, Sparkle ‘n Blink,, NovellaT, Aleola Journal of Poetry and Art, Pacific Review, Comstock Review, Wild Musette Journal, and others. Read other articles by Peggy, or visit Peggy's website.