Poverty of Feeling

So heartbreaking to see
people blinded by their envy,
imagining rewards
for serving the Confed’racy
and waiting like Godot
for thanks from White Supremacy
for kicking south the immigrants
fleeing their own slavery.

You so want to be loved
by the rich who’ll always hate you,
and be part of their gang
to get all the stuff that they do.
You say that you deserve
to be just like them, is that true?
and get to fine’ly crack the whip
on immigrants beneath you.

Your dreams are envy’s hopes
for a gifted lush salvation
from tragic history of
ancient heartless exploitation,
but undeserving is
walling off all your compassion
by walling off the refugees
of bombed-in devastation.

Manuel Garcia, Jr. is an occasional writer who is always independent. His e-mail address is: mangogarcia@att.net. Read other articles by Manuel, or visit Manuel's website.