Donald Trump: Despised by Europe, Despises Europe

Why is Europe full of hate for Donald Trump?

Is it, perhaps, because millions could soon die in yet another of the senseless and horrible wars unleashed by the Western empire? Or is it because Europeans suddenly ‘saw the light’ and realized that they mistreated billions of innocent people throughout history; that actually all people on Earth are equal and should be left alone and be allowed to live their lives as they please?

Far from that; unfortunately, very far!

Most of the Europeans simply hate Trump because he had enough of the status quo, of what could be objectively described as sneaky and sleazy games.

Mr. Trump sees collaboration with Europe as an extremely bad business.

Not that President Trump is a saint himself. Of course, he isn’t. He is a businessman – a very ruthless one, and in the past very daring and very successful. He has already managed to break the backs of hundreds of people, and now he would not hesitate to run hundreds of countries to the ground, if they’d dare to stand in his way. When he sees that someone is trying to take advantage of him (or of the company he was allowed to manage – the United States of America), he knows perfectly well from where the stench comes, as he has been spoiling the air himself, all throughout his colorful career.


The main reason why Europeans are so disgusted with Donald Trump is because, in their eyes, he is impolite, simply rude. He does not show any respect for the Western civilization; he simply doesn’t care. He snaps at everyone – Europe, Japan, China, Mexico. It is even hard to call him a racist – he seems to hate everybody, sometimes at different times, or simultaneously.

The “Old continent” likes it dandy and smooth. It adores well-mannered people who behave, no matter what their color of the skin is, precisely like Europeans.

You see, if Mr. Trump was acting as an ordinary U.S. president from the upper class, perhaps like Mr. Obama or Bill Clinton were acting just very recently, there would be absolutely no outrage and no protests in London or Berlin. Some 10 million corpses in the Democratic Republic of Congo did not outrage European masses, as long as they got plenty of coltan for their mobile phones, and enough uranium for the NATO nukes.

Millions of corpses in Iraq, Libya and Syria – it mattered very little to bon vivants in Italy, France, or Greece. As long as the gentleman in charge of the world order was polite, as long as he knew how to respect the cradle of Western ‘civilization’ – Europe – there was no reason to worry.


Europe used to murder tens, even hundreds of millions of people, on all continents and throughout the centuries. No matter how hard Washington tried (and it has been trying very hard), it was never able to compete with the gruesomeness of extermination campaigns that had originated in Paris, Brussels, London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Madrid or Lisbon.

These things are, of course, never pronounced. Both Europe and the U.S. are supposed to be synonymous with ‘freedom’, ‘democracy’ and liberal values, not with the genocides. But, of course, Western rulers know perfectly well of what stuff history is made.

To guarantee the stability of Western dogmas and propaganda, almost all U.S. presidents were accustomed to demonstrating great respect for Europe, at least publicly.

After all, Europe is where the American culture comes from, isn’t it? It is from where Christianity arrived. It is where people who slaughtered the great majority of the native Americans came from. It is where the slave owners and plantation owners came from. Europeans were people who were supplying slaves to the “New World”, hunting them down like animals in Africa, raping them, then chaining them inside the monstrously overcrowded vessels. What a legacy; what a civilization!

North America is nothing else than that wild, violent dream of the Europeans come true; a dream of open spaces and almost unopposed plunder: Kill all the natives, rob all that you can, then enslave people from other continents, and bring them to work for free on your plantations and construction sites – chained, humiliated and broken. When you digest your loot, then begin expanding again, as your ancestors – Europeans – were doing for centuries. But this time expand from your new base, from North America (new base but the same culture and the same aggressive hordes); expand towards Latin America and the Philippines, and eventually, towards the entire world.

Let us be very honest: The United States of America is just a huge extension of Europe, with several minorities living on its territory: descendants of slaves, broken native people, and the most aggressive immigrants from all parts of the planet. But it is Europe, in some places ‘diluted’, but Europe nevertheless.

When the Europeans are criticizing, even ridiculing the U.S. (without ridiculing themselves in the same breath), it is truly grotesque. Europe and North America have absolutely the same destiny, same goals and interests. For the last few decades, the U.S.A. has been doing an extremely dirty job, manipulating and plundering the world, on behalf of the entire West. It was rolling itself in filth, while Europe was stuffing itself on refined food, prostituting pristine parts of all continents with its mass tourism, and dictating to everyone how to live and even how to think.

Whatever you think of Donald Trump, it is obvious that he is very well aware of all this. He understands the correlation between Europe and the United States. And he is sick of what he sees.

The entire West is looting, plundering and raping the rest of the world; it does it in unison. Most of the world has by now been converted into a high security prison. The entire West is preventing people of Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East from thinking, and from living their lives as it suits them the best. The entire West is spreading propaganda, dark nihilism (read my latest book Revolutionary Optimism, Western Nihilism), and it is discrediting, even overthrowing, all socially-oriented movements and governments.

But it is the United States of America that is paying for all this, while letting its workers, the elderly and minorities literally rot in deplorable conditions. It robs and gets robbed, or at least its people are.

Look at the European so-called unemployed, enjoying their sexual escapades in Southeast Asia or East Africa, all at the expense of the people living or rotting alive in countless poor nations. Look at those long vacations, short working hours, free medical care and education, while people both in the poor nations and in the United States, can hardly make ends meet.

Is Europe really ‘colonized’ by the United States? Don’t make me laugh! It appears that it is Europe, which is still colonizing the world, making it work for its lethargy and extravagance. The U.S. has been, increasingly, like an idiot, working and killing on behalf of Europe.

Donald Trump suspects that this is what is happening. I am not sure he can formulate it, but at least he knows, intuitively, that something unsavory is going on.

Donald Trump thinks that this relationship with Europe is a damn bad deal for his country.

One can almost hear him shouting: “If we all steal, if we all have been screwing the world, let us all enjoy the booty. Pay your share, dudes, and let my people thrive, too!”

It is undeniable, that using gangster logic, he is totally right! And the West is, by now, patently, an out of control mafia which is brutalizing the entire planet!


Some people in the West, even in the United States, are hoping that the present U.S. administration will manage to disgust Europe so much that ‘the Old Continent’ would crack-off, leave the alliance with the U.S. They think that it would have a very positive impact on our planet.

This scenario could actually happen, but it would be even worse for the rest of the world than the present, already horrible, status quo setup.

It is because the foundations of the present global evil are not in the U.S., but in Europe itself.

“Independent”, rearmed Europe would mean even more suffering for Africa (just look at what France has been doing recently in its former colonies), Asia (U.K. in Afghanistan), the Middle East (EU supporting Saudi Arabia in its terror drive against both Yemen and Syria) and elsewhere.

It is clear that Mr. Trump is concerned about his country. He is trying to put the interests of the U.S. first, not the interests of the West in general. Is he doing it elegantly? Definitely not. Is he a genius? Hardly.

But who knows, he may think that his people could be better off if he tries to move closer to Russia and Asia Pacific. That could be quite correct. After all, cooperating with Europe never brought many benefits to anyone. Europe is too tricky, too selfish, and too brutal. It only takes, never gives.

The entire U.S. liberal establishment is in disarray. It is totally Euro-centric. It seems to be more pro-European than Europe itself. It actually is Europe. Could the United States under Donald Trump become cosmopolitan? I am not sure. We will soon find out.

Both Europe and the former ‘U.S. pro-European regime’ are notoriously, fundamentally anti-Russian and anti-Chinese.

Donald Trump is definitely not pro-Russian or pro-Chinese, but it appears that he dislikes Europe as much as he dislikes the others. Such a neo-egalitarian approach may actually bring some fruits and relief to our planet.

• First published in New Eastern Outlook (NEO)

Andre Vltchek is a philosopher, novelist, filmmaker and investigative journalist. He has covered wars and conflicts in dozens of countries. Five of his latest books are China Belt and Road Initiative: Connecting Countries, Saving Millions of Lives, China and Ecological Civilization with John B. Cobb, Jr, Revolutionary Optimism, Western Nihilism, the revolutionary novel Aurora, and Exposing Lies of the Empire. Also watch Rwanda Gambit his documentary about Rwanda and DRCongo and his film/dialogue with Noam Chomsky On Western Terrorism. He can be reached through his website and his Twitter. Read other articles by Andre.