A World Leader’s Demise

bolting upright, sweat pours down his brow
as the nightmare, held captive by his unconscious,
escapes into the night.
the afterimage, still vivid behind his eyes,
stalks his camouflaged conscience.
strangling back a cry he tries to evade the figure
whose words sear his psyche:
“your soldiers are on strike.
no longer will they kill for your greed and pride.
they are in the world building hospitals and schools.
your ships carry food to the poor,
your planes medicine to the sick.
weapons have been dismantled.
the world has chosen peace.
we wish to forgive you, that you may join us.”
he got up to turn on the light, to remove the night.
in that instant, brightness engulfing the room,
his heart stopped to see the figure: a Woman,
perhaps Vietnamese or Latina.
maybe Native American or African.
she smiled and in that moment he died of fear.
he was buried, the only peace
his troubled soul could accept.

Gregory Ross is a Viet Nam Veteran, a powerful negative impact in his life. Positively: he and his wife have been together for 42 years and have a 35 year old son and a 26 month old grandson. He worked Acupuncture Detox for 25 years, mostly in Highland Hospital, the county hospital of Oakland, Ca. Gregory has been published elsewhere. For more info or to comment on his writings in DV, email: Gregory Ross, gandgandg@yahoo.com Read other articles by Gregory.