The Weight of a Bullet

What is the weight of a bullet?
Such a small piece of unfeeling steel.
This small nugget of cold, uncaring metal,
polished to glisten, to dazzle.
So light as to be held by an infant,
so small it could be swallowed by some.
Then, just a click of a tiny trigger,
releasing it from its hidden slender chamber
projecting it toward its chosen target
that sends this tiny weight upon its path.

So, what is the weight of the bullet?
What is your weight?
120 pounds 140 pounds 150 pounds?
The bullet is converted to the weight of the intended
and it becomes the weight of the recipient.
It cannot be stopped once set in motion
until its mission has been completed
and it meets its intended target,
and the weight becomes multiplied
as the two fall together
as the two become one.
The bullet is unconcerned about the size.
To find its weight, add the weight of
those that it has met.

John Collins, a retired pharmacist and teacher, has been a long time writer and after 40 years is attempting to compile his writings into a volume for print. He has appeared in Dissident Voice and the Pagolin Review. His topics are frequently about the horrors of conflict, but also about the duality of the encounters in life. Read other articles by John.