Palo Alto California Veterans Administration Hospital

Psychology Unit Locked Ward 3C ,Thursday

the old men sat
the young men stood
both watched
their wristwatches
believing they had a place
to be besides inside their heads

JD walks the halls
talking to the inside of his head

the old men stood
the young men sat
surveying their wristwatches
the old men sat
the young men stood

JD inflicts his different selves
on his different selves

“Gentlemen,” the nurse yells
“Thursday afternoon meds”
we quickly check our wristwatches
a sure sign of sanity

JD, wrist-watchless, sputters down the hall
maniacally hazarding a wall clock

Gregory Ross is a Viet Nam Veteran, a powerful negative impact in his life. Positively: he and his wife have been together for 42 years and have a 35 year old son and a 26 month old grandson. He worked Acupuncture Detox for 25 years, mostly in Highland Hospital, the county hospital of Oakland, Ca. Gregory has been published elsewhere. For more info or to comment on his writings in DV, email: Gregory Ross, Read other articles by Gregory.