Our Depraved Normal

We are all Orwell’s children now,
slowly simmering
in the cauldron of memory-holed “news”
as the planet also simmers,
and the nuclear warriors plan
their omnicidal triumph.

Lies are the common currency,
obfuscation the dance,
propaganda the content.

Question our multiple wars?
You’re kidding, right?
There are reality shows, movies, and sports
to watch.
Much more enjoyable.

On Memorial Day we feign
honoring our war dead,
conveniently forgetting those millions
we’ve murdered,
and how we ignore all our
current bloodbaths,
at home and abroad.

The planet and foreigners
are mere distractions
from our pursuit of happiness
via so many telescreens,
both external and not.

Life is for fun.

Don’t worry.

Be happy.

Ed Ciaccio is a writer on peace and social justice issues, a retired teacher, a conscientious objector since 1967, and author of Heartlines: Selected Personal Works 1966-2011 and Red Pills: Political Poems and Parodies 1968 - 2018. Read other articles by Ed.