Mr. Business Man

What’s your business?
Mr. Business man
Why does it interfere, with
The business of living a peaceful life
Why does your profit cause others pain?
Is it fair to pollute the people’s planet
In order to make profits?
How can you justify your greed?
Other species die each day
Since when did the corporate agenda
Supersede the community one?
Constitutions are for people, not corporations
Stop white collar crime, ozone depletion,
Global warming, acid rain, cultural genocide,
Rain forest destruction and war!
When will enough wealth be enough?
A race to the bottom, an end
To environmental standards and unions,
This is your business plan?
Survival of the richest, tax breaks for the wealthy
Causing communities to become unhealthy
Spending billions on life in outer space
When life in inner heart space suffers?
I hate to burst your bubble Mr. Business man,
You may own the politicians and media, but
You will never own the hearts of the people.
Addicted to wealth, craving the drug called money
Willing to sell your soul to the devil
God knows no one else wants it!
Its time to get on the level
Wage peace and heal Mother Earth
Mr. Business man, seek the treatment for your disease.
Develop a social conscience in business affairs
Show profits with pride; don’t take people for a ride.
Show us your compassionate side
Every citizen has a right to respect
All creatures have a purpose, people too
Together we can have sensible solutions
To prevent global pollution
A healthy planet makes good business sense:
Cleaner oceans, airways, forests, and more
I hope we can do business Mr. Business man?
Or else, you will have to go. Power to the People!

Charles has been a social activist for 35 years. He can be reached at : Read other articles by Charles.