Scrunched tight.
Squeezed, stitched, clipped.

No more leakage from the seams, or fluffy bits to sever.
No wasted breath on dandelions, just make a mark here thither.
Creative thoughts must stay contained.
Sealed up and stuffed – in short,

He retches, gags, spills o v e r …


• Written in response to an article in the UK’s Independent

Jay Cool is "an eccentric Salopian" living in Suffolk with Hubby and three children. She works in Essex three days a week to pay the bills, and spends the rest of her time - in between housework and sprogs - researching her roots and writing comedic blogs about dragging her family off to visit her ancestral lands in Shropshire and Suffolk. She also blogs for 'Suffolk Punch Comedy Club', helping to promote stand-up comedians. All of their gigs are for charity - to raise funds for research into prostate cancer. Read other articles by Jay.