An Ode to the Feminist

The underrated heroine we never appreciated.

An ode to the feminist
And all of her innocence.
From her heart so affectionate
And glistening with elegance.

Her only one mission
We often overlook.
To better our condition
Yet somehow we mistook

For useless ambition,
Lack of intuition
Merely raising suspicion
To our lack of societal transition.

Who are we to blame the feminist?

With her unending endeavor
To cleanse our world
From history’s ruin forever
Without recognition nor mere award

To thank the sacrifice
She’s devoted for our betterment
While we live in paradise
And she remains: society’s degenerate.

Never underestimate the price
Paid of the feminists of society which suffice
In their lives while walked on as mice
Yet we deem ourselves worthy of offering advice

While we never appreciate the underrated heroine.

Austin Nettrouer is an 18 year old novice writer and a part-time worker who will pursue Political Science at Indiana State University this upcoming fall. He can be reached at Read other articles by Austin.