Then, Now and the Future?

In the beginning man was so afraid,
The natural world dominated all.
But we became thinkers – this was our aid;
Man became mighty, he stood proud and tall.

We hunted prey and crafted useful tools,
Lived together in growing social groups.
Then we became greedy murdering fools
Killing each other with manmade paid troops.

So then we killed for land, we killed for gold,
Divided so far from one another.
Some of us were turned to slaves to be sold;
Even now we don’t stand by each other.

In this modern world we stand divided,
West versus East, upper versus lower,
Failing to use brains we’ve been provided.
Money talks, nulls words of the churchgoer:

Loyalty? Bought by the highest bidder
(motivated by self-preservation!)
We seriously need to consider
That we will destroy civilisation.

Politicians become a running joke,
Their campaigns run by corrupt media.
They won’t admit society is broke,
A vicious group of sly Ophidia.

We are blinded by materialism
New technology is the binding chain
‘Equality’ is called capitalism
While the whole world goes completely insane.

Luke McNamara is an MA Literature and Creative Writing student at the University of Leicester. He writes poetry about mental health, spiritual transcendence, and political satire. Read other articles by Luke.