Love Against Love: A Postcapitalist Sonnet

Shopping for it.
Always a better version.
A market excursion.
A depressing pit
Never the right fit
A commodified inversion
This love’s perversion.
Too (un)easy to quit.

Not love
Between just two
Not signed from above
Not profiting the few
A better love
Through struggle it’s you.

Bryant William Sculos holds a PhD in political science, specializing in Critical Theory and global ethics. He is a postdoctoral fellow at The Amherst Program in Critical Theory, adjunct professor at Florida International University, contributing writer for the Hampton Institute, and Politics of Culture section editor for Class, Race and Corporate Power. Bryant is also a member of Socialist Alternative-CWI. His previous work has also appeared in New Politics, Public Seminar, Constellations, and New Political Science. Bryant's first published poem "Remembrances of the Present" appeared in Dissident Voice on February 4, 2018. Read other articles by Bryant William.