Interference in Plain Sight

History will remember that a Gulf state had a role in expelling the foreign minister of a superpower and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

— Abdulkhalez Abdullaa, UAE Political Science Professor

Tweet by prominent UAE political science professor, Abdulkhalez Abdullaa, as quoted in a recent article on The American Conservative.

As the US continues to writhe in the throes of Russiagate, it is amazing to see the victory laps being taken for Rex Tillerson’s removal as Secretary of State by those who are admittedly agents of foreign states. As the above-mentioned article makes clear, certain Middle East countries and their US proxies believe that their efforts resulted in Tillerson’s firing.

One could hardly ask for a clearer confession regarding foreign interference in the domestic politics of the United States. Yet journalists in the major media seem to be asleep at the wheel on the issue.

A Russian troll farm that ran a click-bait scheme to profit from the US presidential elections inspired massive and almost hysterical coverage, despite the fact that troll farms worldwide engaged in similar practices, yet boasting about getting the Secretary of State fired is not news!

The self-congratulatory crowing observed in certain circles over Trump’s dismissal of Tillerson should serve as a wake up call about the exertion of undue influence on the American government by foreigners…even those from places that the President would describe as s#*thole countries.

If we were naive we would look forward to the appointment of a Special Prosecutor on this issue…we won’t hold our breath.

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