Blessings of Peace

There is an incomprehensible
Float round the bait of nations
Seemingly sinking sycophants
Beneath broad band of liberty
Hailing protest wired off the coast,
Detained in tension of bewildered passion.

The curriculum dearth knowledge
Of bloodshed, labours of heroes past
Who served generations to come.

My country, nation, tribe and home
Has suffered violence in unity
Our black field was an harvest of tears
When green fields was done away with
For fame and name in game of shame.

Today, we’ve transcended seven beyond six
Price for peace was paid with tears and blood
By minor and major, people of age.

Now, there is
Music – song of Peace
An atmosphere – wind of Peace
A stream – water of Peace
They are all blessings of Peace.

Tola Ijalusi writes from Ibadan, Nigeria. His poems were featured in the 31 Days of Poetry 2015, 2016 and 2017 on EGC Creativity. He has been published in Kalahari Review, Tuck Magazine, Nantygreens, Hub201, BlackBoy Magazine and elsewhere. He is the editor of Parousia Magazine, an Online Christian Art and Literary Magazine. Read other articles by Tola.