Amidst the War

Amidst the war
I’m still there
but blinded by
your weapons of ego
you cannot
see me
feel me
breathe me

As an observer,
I can see
your mind’s illusion

As a counsellor,
I whisper
in every human ear
“O human race!
O God’s favourite creation!
Transform prejudice into tolerance
Let the power of communication
flow and blossom into
the flower of negotiation

O human race!
Remember, please remember!
Only love can appease
the heartbeats of hatred
Only love can fly
with the doves of peace

True love has no wall
True love never fragmentizes,
True love never divides the world
into individual segments
True love can only unite
the whole”

O human race!
Amidst the war
my fragrance is veiled
but I’m there, still there
Please stop fighting
because in the end
you can’t deny it
Only love will win.

Vatsala Radhakeesoon is a published Mauritian author/poet. She is the representative of Immagine and poesia for Mauritius, She is also a regular contributor of Different Truths Magazine and other literary journals and magazines. Her first poetry book When Solitude Speaks was published in 2013. Read other articles by Vatsala.