The Collusion Delusion

A strange new force assails the land
laments the dismal swamp.
Collusion like a cancer grows.
This is no Sunday romp.

If we can’t pin it on the Chief,
some trollsome Slavs we’ll snare.
How dare they steal our POTUS seat,
the Deep State’s Biggest Chair.

Exogenous is dangerous.
We’re teleprompter guys.
Those circumventing tweets detract.
Control detests surprise.

Throw our bums out. Toss our bums in.
Your guy we’re sure to nix.
It’s Tweedle-Numb or Tweedle-Dumb.
Don’t shun our vetted list!

We caught some trolls. Thirteen, in fact.
Their mischief summed to naught.
It bumped the Parkland 18 off
the headlines like a shot.

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