Remembrances of the Present

Black Mirrors
Reflecting everything,
Reflecting nothing.
Friendless friends.
Loveless love.
Devil’s angel of history.

Duck lip
Holocaust selfies.
Live murder
Drive-thru fugitives.

Twenty-gallons of lube
(Not) feeling the Bern
Prime shipping.
Immigrant walls
Orange you glad
I didn’t say

Precedent Trump.

Clint on
An empty stool.

Bombs I cannot hear
Droning on
Mother of all.
without care-less
perfect competition

Freedom’s imperium.
Capital’s viceroy
Bootstrap education
with paid purchase.

Lives matter
Profit proofs
Of a drown.

A dry hea(r)t
Floating on
The edge of a world.

Bryant William Sculos holds a PhD in political science, specializing in Critical Theory and global ethics. He is a postdoctoral fellow at The Amherst Program in Critical Theory, adjunct professor at Florida International University, contributing writer for the Hampton Institute, and Politics of Culture section editor for Class, Race and Corporate Power. Bryant is also a member of Socialist Alternative-CWI. His previous work has also appeared in New Politics, Public Seminar, Constellations, and New Political Science. Bryant's first published poem "Remembrances of the Present" appeared in Dissident Voice on February 4, 2018. Read other articles by Bryant William.