The Revolutionary Magazine

The revolutionary magazine is one that contains thoughtful words,
luminous words, words that broaden and elevate:
the engines of Liberty’s birds.

It asks:

Why are Western prisons and hospitals full?
Why are Middle Eastern playgrounds empty?

Who are the current scapegoats?
How can we shield them, and lift them up too?

How can a plumber become a critical intellectual?
And what about the scholar?

How can roses bloom among spreadsheets?

How does a tower crumble and the garden
of cooperation grow?

How can we make kindness become a revolutionary force?

Daniel Jakopovich is a writer, researcher, vegan abolitionist and a peace campaigner. He was the founder and editor of the Novi Plamen journal for peace studies, politics and culture (on the territory of former Yugoslavia), and was a guest lecturer in Politics, Political Economy and Sociology at the University of Cambridge and at several other universities. Previously a trustee of the Fellowship of Reconciliation (England) and a Council member of the International Peace Bureau, he is currently a national organiser for the Stop the War Coalition. His forthcoming book is entitled Towards Revolutionary Peacemaking: Essays for a Culture of Peace and Nonviolence. Read other articles by Daniel.