Scheming Demons

Scheming demons I did dream,
And quite convincing they did seem,
There’s nothing else and they did swear,
To nothing else we can compare,

We like it thus and always did,
So keep the other options hid,
For it is bliss to never know,
Much easier when the bar is low,

They tell it like it’s act of grace,
As subtle as a smashed in face,
The that by which we must exist,
“It’s common sense”, they did insist,

They did remove the socket’s eye,
For seeing we should never try,
Be careful what you choose to hear,
Be blissful till the end is near,

Acceptance is the dial’s default,
So none can glean it is a cult,
And never much as lift the veil
Or move the portrait from the nail,

Pause to wonder at the scale,
Such magnitude could never fail,
Must be clever , wise and true
With no chance that it’s killing you,

We’d surely give away it all,
So we can make the demons tall,
If in their shadows we can crawl,
Be grateful we exist at all,

We owe them all and we would give,
To them our very right to live,
Unironically so many do,
It’s only right we do it too,

We’ll never know what we’re denied,
While on our knees we’re satisfied,
As lives are spent for nothing much
And distances exchanged for touch.

Trevor Nielsen is currently working as a full time carer. He is an occasional musician and committed Anarchist. Read other articles by Trevor.