On the Cryptocurrency Bubble

Why is stupid stupid?
Assuming it would blow over, we could be busy
improving our lives.

Collective insanity:
A gold rush of irrational,
whether or not we should all invest
in today’s version
of tulips.

Past performance we see
and want future results, hence:
beanie babies,
Florida land,
baseball cards,

and Herbalife,
still a publicly traded company.

The next big thing a mania,
a lottery, dumb luck retrospected
as genius;

nifty, a newly innovative way
the blogging herds lead us
to lose money.

Why is stupid stupid?
Not just somebody’s hairdresser
on a morning show talking about their quick million –
but us who are mesmerized.

You can fool the software side
but protocols don’t trust;
value to society doesn’t breed

human trust can’t be coded
and doesn’t exist after
all the various wallets have been hacked.

But I want to know:
Did she not like cutting hair?
and what now? – sitting on beaches
for the rest of one’s life?

A modern utopian vision:
reclining on white sand with laptop open,
instantly viewing your net worth,
sweating with hot sun and currency swings.

Why is stupid stupid?
Get-rich mining transactions
burn kilowatt hours of energy,
enough to grow food for planets,
or solve poverty.

Still we’re fooled by open-source virality
with no genuine underlying business,
only evangelism
for what the herd’s bought
and prays will go higher.

Back to hair cutting,
back to listening
to the small problems,

where millions aren’t at stake
but lives are.

Emily Madapusi Pera is a writer living in Providence, Rhode Island. Read other articles by S. Emily.