The Turn of Stoicism

The consent of the majority impedes the winter morning
‘You’ve lost that loving feeling’ plays, and I am angry.

Here is the December march put to bed
This years war planning; the soldier looks to the new year.

You do not need to vocalise this, yet I have of late
I see presents and trees in a thousand homes;
There will be that few left out there.

When we were young they did set the stars by us

The general from the US calls

‘What is my fate?’ an unwanted politician needs to ask me
And I listen
To the radio.

Articles I tried to read
Truth and poetry the tide suggests we can get closer to.
But the tide is static on the army’s line;
These are considerations friends

Later I will lose myself in religion if you approve
And laugh in friendship about how much your diet means
to you.

For instance did you know Buck Mulligan is on the street?

For those not currently active, you will not know what my
smile means

I meant to say, I put him there
Because of the weather.

Church beckons at 5:45. I know the republicans to be
around the serpent

Do you pray too?

I do often these days. Mostly for those in construction of a
new world.

This turns my heart.

Spring, growing, ice; where is your fire?

Liam Hutchinson is a poet from Bath in the United Kingdom. Outside of writing his interest lies in human rights. Read other articles by Liam.