The Cygnus and the Rebel

The cygnus flies over terrible seas of amber and peat,

out of which giant mutineers leap,

grasping the cauldrons of light.

Under, under the roots of rebellion

the ossified life is stilled.

The cygnus, the outlander

to the lower spheres,

scorns this ambit of pain.

The rebel, who scorns it too,

is rooted in it.

He deepens these roots

for to help the entombed to rise.

Daniel Jakopovich is a writer, researcher, vegan abolitionist and a peace campaigner. He was the founder and editor of the Novi Plamen journal for peace studies, politics and culture (on the territory of former Yugoslavia), and was a guest lecturer in Politics, Political Economy and Sociology at the University of Cambridge and at several other universities. Previously a trustee of the Fellowship of Reconciliation (England) and a Council member of the International Peace Bureau, he is currently a national organiser for the Stop the War Coalition. His forthcoming book is entitled Towards Revolutionary Peacemaking: Essays for a Culture of Peace and Nonviolence. Read other articles by Daniel.