Good Grace Watchmen

Frost, dawn, I walked alone with the devil
Through the morning, while you

I hear your school, as I walk

You come to me like the wind
As I see your proudest achievement
A place where you can lack all shame
This is the message she sends

Coffee, music, for hours
Then pray alone with Mary

‘But when a man
speeds toward his own ruin,
a god gives him help’

My ruin has been my achievement
And I see that as we talk now

A friend’s sadness I hear now on my way
But the rain is too much to stop
Through summer you had to keep it

If true love is not of the mundane
What does this say about the
Sanctity of life?
The fact I can only feel it when
I think of your name

I long to speak the language of the angels
I need to understand sanctity again

Do we only know it in childhood, or
Do we not see it on the
Nightly news?

Now I think of war
The place for order in this scheme
The shadow of nuclear death is ever present

I, and my great wise friends propose
That the solution is in community
This is a modern adaptation of Aristotle’s politics
Applied to the wider arena

It invokes trust law and the consumable
And recognises no quarter
In its search for soul

These clocks, it is winter;
That was theirs,
This is ours

I walk with you, and we walk alone
The walk is to find friends
In this uncertain arena

Liam Hutchinson is a poet from Bath in the United Kingdom. Outside of writing his interest lies in human rights. Read other articles by Liam.