What makes Google’s Eric Schmidt so afraid?

What should he be afraid of?

There are reasons to be extremely worried about what is happening on the Internet – quite silently.

Worried in terms of freedom of information gathering, respect for Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, worried about democracy, the open society – and more.

There are reasons that you should get very concerned when one of the world’s richest corporate leaders with clear political affiliations and relations to Pentagon and the MIMAC – the Military-Industrial-Media-Academic Complex begins to play God and decides what you and I shall be able to see on the Internet.

His name is Eric Emerson Schmidt and he is Executive Chairman of Alphabet, a huge multinational conglomerate of corporation that owns a lot – including Google.

This one man – much more powerful than many state leaders – is on record saying (at a military security conference) that Google works to introduce “de-ranking” of sites he just doesn’t like.

They happen to be Russian.

And many others too. Like TFF.

De-ranking means blatant, paternalist censorship. Algorithm is the catchword for it.

Schmidt gladly abdicates his responsibility which would be to stand up for net neutrality and net freedom.

It’s an information war in an era of new Cold War and there is very little attention paid to it in Western mainstream media and debates.

Where are the human rights organisations?

Where are the leading media people who should see how much of a slippery slope this is?

Do they think this will stop with Russia??

Here is the background and some thoughts on the consequences.

Is what is called the ‘free’ world now really so intellectually and morally weak that it cannot live with diversity and other views?

Like the Soviet Union in the early 1980s?

This article also offers you alternatives to censorship.

If this doesn’t stop here, there is only two things to do – switch to other search engines and browsers and:

#BoycottGoogleSearch – and #BoycottChromeBrowser.

That’s probably the only action that might help Mr. Schmidt to think twice…

Jan Oberg is a peace researcher, art photographer, and Director of The Transnational (TFF) where this article first appeared. Reach him at: oberg@transnational.org. Read other articles by Jan.