The Science of Subterfuge

We Are Not of Our Own Thoughts (Part 2)

Following the devastation of WWII, many survivors of the armed sieges sought refuge in lands that were not their own. Among them were not just the beleaguered, but also the ordained. Here I write not of the papacy, but of an equally powerful cabal of power-holders who envisioned the continual progression of Western-and indeed non-Western, as well- societies towards Edward Bernays’ coveted ideal of a modern democracy. This would be a democracy wherein political power wouldn’t arduously be fought for, but graciously accepted from those who would be convinced to relinquish it to a technocratic ruling class.

Following the legacy of Wellington House and the Tavistock Institute in the United Kingdom, the United States would have its own intelligence operations working towards uncovering the mechanics of individual and collective consciousness, thereby enabling it to take the reigns of political power, ad infinitum. This military imperative was eventually handed over to the CIA, where it flourished like a bud during a verdant springtime. As part of the directive, the CIA would enlist the expertise of some of the most fortunate emigrants from war-ravaged Germany. These vanguard scientists, who were interested in elucidating the most valuable methods of effecting mind-control, would not only be given entrance into the United States, but would actually be actively sought and recruited by the United States’ military under an expedited ‘immigration’ program known as Operation Paperclip; the greenlighting of this program should serve as fact to completely debunk the veneer of justice ostensibly achieved by the Nuremberg Trials, during which the United States spearheaded prosecutions, as nothing but a total sham. This ominous project would lay the fertile ground for intelligence (covert war) operations both domestically in the United States, as well as abroad.

Under the presidency of Harry Truman, the pretext for authorizing the operation was that it would serve as a maneuver to confer advantage to the United States during the spurious Cold War, given that the imported scientists possessed a profundity of knowledge surrounding interrogation and espionage techniques. Indeed, it was these scientists, among whom are such notable figures as former NASA director Wernher Von Braun, who enabled Germany’s infiltration of the Soviets during WWII, a tool that would undoubtedly serve the United States. However, the full scope of the War Department’s–the Department of Defence of days past- interest in these post-Nazism neo-Nazis wasn’t entirely, if at all, about fortifying national security.

Among the earliest of the programs funded by the CIA and staffed by the immigrant Nazis was project MKUltra, a Cold-War era data mining operation comprising 149 known subcategories, spanning several decades and involving all manner of criminal coercion, manipulation, and torture. It is in the (sparsely surviving) documents procured through the Church Committee in 1975 that those interested were finally given a peephole to peer into the sinister world of mind-control. What the committee members and the apprised among the public realized is what we should all be acutely aware of; the state wasn’t only interested in researching and honing techniques to be used on foreign nationals, but on citizens themselves.

Of course, we know that the state has never been averse to the targeting of, and neutralization of, its own people (think Black Panthers, communists). What may not have been known, however, is that the military-intelligence industry is not only interested in using mind-control techniques to quell opposition and dissent, but also to create consensus. In other words, the power structure had been well on its way, and certainly had achieved the harnessing of technology to subvert and corral ordinary citizens by means of psychological, biological, chemical, and electromagnetic warfare. For instance, the aerosolized LSD experiments in the N.Y. subway system, and in Pont St. Esprit, France were two such experiments wherein unwitting, ordinary folks were subjected to chemical poisoning. This is to say nothing of the likelihood of the CIA and other military operations utilizing LSD in open-air laboratories, such as in Laurel Canyon, to observe the effects of large-scale dosing.

Although the CIA was quick to rebuff any claims that it had continued with the MKUltra-style mind-control experimentation past its official termination in 1973, those with a keen mind to decipher the intentions of the military-intelligence amalgam that has been operating globally for decades will receive such denial with obvious incredulity. Do you really trust an organization and a government that will deliberately harm its own people in its purported bid to advance security operations and technology? Can you really believe that a power structure so amoral and malevolent could act in the best interest of ordinary individuals? Could such a power structure really be trusted not to deploy its weapons against its own people as a means of repression and coercion?

The very same psychoanalytic models that underpinned the torture techniques utilized by the CIA and its operatives are the ones that instruct us to recognize patterns in behaviour as manifestations of cognitive function. The activities of the CIA (or any other intelligence body, anywhere) are not, and have never been rogue; they are incontrovertibly statist. If such activities can only be described, aptly, as egregious, insidious, and imperious, what may we reasonably conclude about the state itself?

Daniel Choudhury is a dreamer, writer, healer, and self-affirmed vagabond. He is especially interested in matters of cognitive and psychological deprogramming, nutrition and health, and culture re-creation. Read other articles by Daniel.